Virtual 3D Cities

Twinity is a 3D online world made up of virtual cities in Europe as virtual London and in U.S. as virtual Miami. The kind of virtual city full of opportunities and promise you are looking for, without traffic jams, bad weather and pollution! Want to know more? Read on!

virtual cities You can create avatar and chat, in a large community of users and meet new people.
Pick up your style and follow the celebrity fashion or only the latest fashion you prefer. Chat in 3D with the other avatars, the 3D avatar chat is free.

To join the community, download the client, it is easy and quick.
Chat, have fun and meet new friends, you can also find your soulmate! You have a lot of opportunities in our virtual world.

virtual cities During the first few minutes you will learn how to walk and customize your avatar. Once completed the welcome tour you'll receive your starter apartment for free or check for the home of your dreams.
Yet Twinity, isn’t just another Second Life and IMVU, inspired by real life cities, which pays specific attention to the user online community.

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Join Twinity and visit our virtual Berlin, Singapore, London, Miami and New York.
It is FREE!