Twinity Rules

The Twinity Rules were designed to ensure that Twinity can be a virtual place that is shared and enjoyed by all its members.

Our main directive is:

Be nice.

Be nice to the people you meet in Twinity. Because if you're nice to them, chances are they'll also be nice to you and you'll all have fun. This also applies to the spaces you modify. No one likes to find a mess or discover a place that they've been really looking forward to visiting ruined by graffiti, litter or vandalism.

We hope that this main directive will be enough to keep Twinity a safe, clean, and friendly place for everyone to visit. However, some things are unacceptable inside Twinity and will undoubtedly result in temporary suspension or permanent loss of your Twinity membership.

Engaging in any of the following activities is strictly prohibited. And our Metaversum Community Management and Customer Support teams have the final word.

Intolerance and hate speech

Intolerance and hate speech are generally prohibited under real-world law in all markets where Twinity is available. No member may make statements, advocate positions or display or distribute images or media inside Twinity that are intolerant or hateful towards any religion, race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation or national origin.


Harassment is expressly forbidden. Harassment includes any speech, advocacy of position, or display or distribution of images or media that are harassing in nature, including sexual harassment, sexual advances, and unwelcome sexual content.

Privacy violations

Information about you belongs to you. Equally, information about other Twinity members belongs to those members, and each member can choose what personal data they wish to share or display. You do not have the right to share information about other Twinity members, which those members do not choose to share. Similarly, secret eavesdropping or monitoring of other Twinity members constitutes a violation of privacy. Sharing chat transcriptions without the permission of all chat participants is also a violation of privacy.

Public disruption

You expect to be able to experience Twinity without disruption by other members. This also applies to your behavior. Disrupting other peoples' experiences in Twinity is expressly prohibited, particularly during events or in public spaces.

Reporting problems

The Twinity Community Management and Customer Support teams are available to help you on en, pages, twinity_rules, support_twinity_com. Any problems or violations of the community rules can also be reported using the same email address. Other mechanisms for reporting problems are in the planning stages and will be added to Twinity over time.

Public and private spaces

Twinity members are able to visit public spaces and/or create and design their own private spaces. In public spaces, you should behave as you would in public spaces in the real world. The standards that apply in private spaces may vary depending on their owners’ wishes. You should always observe the standards of the place you are in.

Player to player interactions and commerce

Twinity may support interactions of an economic nature such as the buying and selling of virtual items, e.g. digital clothes for your avatar. These transactions may be conducted between members without the involvement of the Twinity Community Management and Customer Support teams. Metaversum GmbH is neither liable nor responsible for any such activities in Twinity.

Rules may change

Twinity is a permanently evolving community. As the community grows and new experiences and behaviors emerge, these rules may change. Metaversum GmbH will do its best to make the community aware of any changes, but please check back for updates from time to time.

Legal stuff

This set of rules are guidelines for the community and for in-world behavior. Please see our Terms of Service for legal regulations regarding access to and use of Twinity.

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