Be a Model in Twinity!

Calling all Twinity models! Come here, create your avatar and share your talent: be a model! We manage every week models events in our virtual London, Berlin, New York. If you would like to participate check our events calendar and take part to the catwalk or to the photoshooting. The models will have pictures on our Facebook page.

twinity models Instructions:
1. Register a FREE account on our website.
2. Download client and create avatar.
3. Customize your avatar's look and clothing. Twinity is a cool online games for girls, it won't be difficult to find the latest trends, you can buy a lot of interesting items in Twinity shops.
4. Take a look to our events calendar, our Shop Manager has few events for models and gives you Globals too.
5. Buy model pose in our 2D shop (you can find them also in virtual New York)
6. Practice your poses and outfits in the Twinitzens Photostudio.
7. Join the Models group and get update of new events.
8. You can also partecipate to the Avatar of the Week event.

next top model Be a Model is a job in our world, imagine being the next top Model for Twinity.
You need to be updated of the latest fashion for girls and boys, and pay attention to the hottest trends.

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