Virtual cities, real estate

Twinity is a mirror world that shows true to scale real cities, like virtual Berlin, virtual London and so on.
A live community is chatting, driving 3D vehicles, dancing and having fun in our virtual city game. Joint the our virtual online game

virtual new york If you never visited Berlin, London, Singapore, Miami or New York in Twinity you have the chance to do it and discover interesting spots of our cities like in real life. You can be a virtual tourist in virtual cities!
For example Twinity users can meet friends in virtual Berlin to get a taste of Berlin’s famous nightlife and experience the art community by visiting its virtual real-world galleries and clubs. Contact our city builders and ask them for your hometown in 3D...

Meet real people in our community and have a look at the famous historical sights, members of the 3D virtual world of Twinity can take a sightseeing tour of Berlin in 3D and enjoy landmarks, city streets, shops and cafes. Buy a home in our virtual London close to Piccadilly Circus, you can do it through the Real Estate agent.

virtual berlin What better way to explore our intricately detailed cities than with a scavenger hunt in each? You’ll visit interesting spots in each city and find free presents hidden along the way! Once you do a scavenger hunt you will get achievements too! Check the secret badges in evey city.

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Join Twinity and visit our virtual Berlin, Singapore, London, Miami and New York.
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