Shopping virtual world tour

The shopping tour is designed for you to experience a more comprehensive Twinity shopping experience. Create your free avatar and discover our fashion game.
On the tour, we will introduce you to our finest boutiques and shopping districts in all our virtual cities.

virtual tour Once you make an avatar you will customize the look and the clothes. If you are in virtual Berlin you can discover Hackescher Höfe, our shopping district in Berlin, featuring 22 great shops in the area. Other than walking down the street, you can also use mini-map to locate the shops.

We offer you several kinf of shops:
  1. clothes shops,
  2. furniture shops
  3. and animations shop.

    1. The fashion shops have the best quality fashion ever, starting from the HipHop style till the latest celebrity fashion.

      The furniture shops offer you great and various styles for your apartment decoration. Something for the balcon, something for the kitchen, something for the living room etc etc.

      Animations shops are all about dance and pose to give your avatar the proper way to express himself.

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Join Twinity and visit our virtual Berlin, Singapore, London, Miami and New York.
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