3D Avatar

A 3D Avatar is an extension of you, that walks, talks and even dances like you! You can choose what he or she looks like what he or she wears, dances to, is friends with.

create your avatar You can put your best face forward and use Twinity’s Photofit application to show your true self by designing your own custom avatar. Through the application you can create a replica of you in a 3D character model or maybe you prefer something different, you can dress up the virtual you and partecipate to free chat rooms or dance with other users.

In Twinity your avatar can walk or drive a car in real cities, can buy or rent an apartment, but also exclusive yacht in a true-to-scale wharf.

avatar 3d Your avatar can partecipate to events, contests and can also be a model, try it and join the community now.
Twinity is a world of 3D chat avatars, fun, games and opportunities! Come on, dress up girl and boy, it's time to interact with real people in a virtual world!

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